Rap Music is once again taking the blame for something that is a lot bigger than music.

Since it’s inception, Rap music has been used as a form of rebellion that granted an oppressed group of people a voice, allowing them to voice their disdain for a system that was constantly oppressing them. Created during the late 1970’s, rap music was a genre of music that allowed its artists to express their feelings towards a society that rejected and oppressed not only them, but the people who looked like them. It quickly became popular, as it gave a voice to an oppressed group of people and provided listeners who were unaware of the crimes against these citizens a front row seat to the atrocities that were being committed in urban America and the struggles that were common for many black citizens during this time.

Since it ascension to one of musics most popular genres, Rap and it’s artists have been attacked, slandered and blamed for a vast majority of problems in urban American communities. The most recent attack on Rap and it’s influence on culture came about after the shooting of Troy Ave and the murder of his bodyguard at a Irving Plaza concert in New York. The media and police have made it apparent that they feel as if Hip-Hop and the culture surrounding it creates violence, and have spread the grossly inaccurate lie that violence and death only occurs at Rap shows. We know for a FACT that countless amount of people overdose on drugs at EDM/Electric showsand we know that a LARGE amount of people are stabbed and stomped to death at Rock shows, but we don’t hear police commissioners going on about how EDM DJ’s or Rock artists are thugs who create and influence violence. The fact that Rap concerts in New York are being cancelled due to this isolated incident and the NYPD has had the AUDACITY to suggest that CURFEWS should be implemented for Rap concerts is disrespectful to both Rap music and people of color. It seems as if the statements being made are a target at black men and the culture they create, not those involved in the tragic incident. When young white men shoot up movie theaters, all movie theaters don’t stop running and movies aren’t pulled from viewing. Why are Hip-Hop and all young black men being persecuted over the actions of a few in an isolated event?


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