André Lauren Benjamin could win 20 awards tomorrow and I would still believe that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

I was having a conversation with a phenomenal Hip-Hop blogger named Mikayla, who has what I consider a great taste in Hip-Hop, about Kanye and his influence on Hip-Hop and the culture at large. Although I agree that Kanye has done a lot to advance the culture and genre(although the more he opens his mouth, the harder it is for me to be a supporter of his or even want to listen to his music), I feel like André 3000 should get the praise and worship that Kanye thinks he deserves. Not only has Andre given us an extensive amount of incredible and legendary music as half of one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups/duos(they’re at a tie with the Fugees in my opinion. L-Boogie’s bars on the Score are unmatched), his influence on the culture is undeniable. In a time where Gangsta Rap was really beginning to take over(rightfully so), they were some of the many great Hip-Hop artist who provided an alternative. Not only that, his costumes/choices in hairstyles completely destroyed all expectations of what “black masculinity” was and how society expected black men to conduct themselves. Stankonia is one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums ever recorded/crafted. From “B.O.B.” to “Ms. Jackson” to “Gangsta Sh*t”, he displayed not only his lyrical ability but his ability to tackle a variety of different subjects. I know he never properly gave us a full length solo studio album, but I honestly think he’s one of the greatest MC’s/Hip-Hop Artist we’ve ever seen/heard, coming second to only Pac.


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