Although only having one official studio album, the Fugees will remain the greatest Hip-Hop group.

The Score is undoubtedly one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums you’ll ever listen to and it’ll light a fire in you that’ll likely never go out. From the hilarious skits, the mixture of Caribbean culture with that of Black American culture, the transitions between tracks, the political and prideful messages expressed throughout the album, the beautiful and soulful ballad that is Killing Me Softly With His Song, intricate rhyme schemes and amazing wordplay like that expressed on the title track, the Score, the album is beautifully put together and is a classic that has both stood the test of time and introduced us to one of the greatest & most skilled MC’s EVER, Lauryn Hill. Although I know I’m supposed to think Wu-Tang Clan is the greatest Hip-Hop collective to ever assemble, there’s just something about the Fugees that will always put them above the rest to me. Dropping an album on the same day as the iconic and monumental All Eyez On Me, they were all able to mesh together to produce a body of work that went against the current tide of what Hip-Hop was forming to be. The album is a modern masterpiece that both critiqued and showed appreciation to Black culture in America and the people that make it. The 13 track effort comes to a close with a skit that sums up the points they attempted to express throughout the duration of the project.

You know what I realized, it’s easy to kill niggas man.
It’s easy to kill niggas cause they look like you, they smell like you,
Shit they even live on your same motherfuckin’ block.
The only problem we have is killin’ the people who don’t look like us, who oppress us.
Shit! Ay if you want to impress me, shoot the motherfucker who turned off my lights.
You want to impress me, shoot somebody who making my bills high all of the time.
See it’s easy for cats to kill other cats, it’s just the dogs they got trouble with.
You know what I’m sayin.
It’s time for us to stand up like men and women yo.
Word up. We gotta stand up and do something about this.
You know why?
You let a motherfucker kick you 5 times, they goin’ kick you 5 times.
You let them kick you 3 times, they goin’ kick you 3 times.
You let them kick you twice, they goin’ kick you twice.
You let them kick you once, they goin’ kick you once.
But if you break off the motherfuckin’ feet, ain’t going to be no more kickin’ goin’ on kid.
No more kickin’.

They were able to create a project that mixed genre’s that were a crucial part of black culture in order to make an album both for and about the culture. Although only providing us with one proper studio album, the Fugees should always be considered when speaking about the greatest Hip-Hop collectives and they’ll always be at the top of my list.


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